The luxury of ‘Change Management’ ended in 2020. Changed happened. You must possess the ability to pivot, flex your adaptive muscle and change the conversation. Leading performance to align to the new reality allows you to rise to the top and knock it out of the park.

EPC is a unique and powerful form of Executive Coaching (EC) that extends the coaching relationship into therapeutic solutions. …

Moving past anxiety, stress, panic attacks, depression or many other challenges in your life and relationships requires that you learn how to manage your thoughts and feelings.

Quite simply, what we focus on, we experience.

And often we find ourselves focussed on, or even obsessing, over thoughts that move us away from happiness and joy. Perhaps you spend more time then you would like on worrying about why MAY happened, or things that HAVE happened? These thoughts can make you unhappy, frustrated and angry.

Mindfulness Meditation is the learned skill of CHOOSING YOUR THOUGHTS

Imagine finding yourself upset or worrying and being able to say to your brain, “OK, that’s enough for now, we are letting these thoughts go and we are going to choose to…

Today’s video is filmed while I am isolating in Northern Ontario Canada on the shore of Georgian Bay. I am working virtually, doing both my psychotherapy and Executive Coaching. Two weeks alone to ensure I can be COVID-19 free and safely join my friends and family!

People seek therapy or executive coaching because they are looking for a change. Ultimately, we are all looking to experience life in a more joyful way, and that means being able to rewire our brain to spend less time with negative thoughts and more time with positive thoughts.

Gratitude therapy is the quickest and…

To ride to the top of one’s profession doesn’t leave room for a bad day.

Forty percent of the people who retain my services are Senior and C-suite Executives (CEO’s, CTO’s, CFO’s…). Ever keen to perfect their performance, these executives use Executive Psychotherapeutic Coaching sessions to explore the nuances of their management performance.

Success in this realm is achieved by a wide range of people and personalities. Yet their commitment to excellence remains a common theme. And to achieve excellence you need to have consistent performance and consistently good days.

Successful people have successful habits.

These habits have been carefully…

A friend of mine who is a Human Resource professional recently quipped, “When I asked that quintessential question to prospective employees 5 years ago: ‘Where do you see yourself in five years?’ NO ONE got that right!”

She of course was referring to the COVID-19 pandemic, but she could have just as well been referring to the impact of social media and questionable information sources on our decision-making processes.

Let’s begin to assess your risk by giving some serious thought to HOW you might come to an informed conclusion. There is so much information out there and we all know…

Todd Kaufman

Todd is Psychotherapist and Executive Coach who specializes in anxiety and addictions. His unique and practical approach to life 'gets the job done.'

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